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Getting to meet the “real Israel”

It seems like mifgashim, meetings between American Jews and Israeli Jews, have quickly become a core element of Israel education. Proponents of mifgashim both in universities and in the field argue that they are essential not merely because they are effective in fostering participants’ deep and lasting connections to Israel, but because they offer participants an “authentic” experience that replaces… Read more →

Representing Jews on Campus

Spoiler alert: This post will not discuss the ins-and-outs of divestment, BDS, the merits of the Students Out of Occupied Palestine resolution, the Coalition for Peace petition, nor will it, in any meaningful way, talk about Israel or Palestine. It will, however, talk about the politics of representing Jews on the Stanford campus, and how claims to represent populations easily… Read more →

Hearts Over Minds

This post is by Jonah Hassenfeld, a student in the Concentration in Education and Jewish Studies Last Thursday, the AviChai Foundation published “Hearts and Minds,” the largest research study of Israel education to date. Given the popular debates about Israel in the American Jewish community, you might expect day schools to be divided when it comes to Israel education. But… Read more →

Wikipedia: Jews

This post is by Matt Williams, a second year student in the Concentration in Education and Jewish Studies. I want to place a bet. I would be totally unsurprised to discover that Isaac Meyer Wise, Solomon Schechter, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Nechama Leibowitz, Joseph Soloveitchik, the Tanya, Maimonides, the Talmud, and even the Torah itself are all second when it comes… Read more →

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