Month: October 2016

Cantors and “performativity”

In the kabbalistic teachings of Rabbi Isaac Luria (1534-1572) mystical adepts are described as having theurgic powers; prayers function in a way that has an external impact in the non-earthly spiritual dimension. In Luria’s mystical reinterpretation of Jewish ritual life, prayer is imagined as a system of powerfully efficacious formulas that enact change in the divine realm. Luria’s doctrine concerning… Read more →

The fluidity of Jewishness

“This is Rebecca. She’s Jewish.” This was often how Rebecca’s high-school friend introduced her to new people in their small New York town where few Jews lived. In these brief encounters with others, Rebecca’s Jewishness made her different. It made her uncomfortable. Self-conscious. Teens usually want to blend in, not stand out. Now, in her twenties, Rebecca remembers those moments… Read more →

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