Month: February 2014

Who Really Needs to get Comfortable with Discomfort

This post was written by Ziva Hassenfeld, a PhD student in the Concentration in Education and Jewish Studies Over the past two weeks, my colleagues Jonah Hassenfeld and Matt Williams have been writing about the idea of productive discomfort. Matt broached the idea that teachers should resist the urge to keep their students comfortable and pointed out that a certain… Read more →

The Dangers of Discomfort or What Shavit’s My Promised Land means for Israel Education

This blog post is by Jonah Hassenfeld, a PhD Student in the Concentration in Education and Jewish Studies Last week, my colleague, Matt Williams, wrote about productive discomfort, that is, the value of making students uncomfortable in order to promote their personal and intellectual growth. He argued that the desire to keep students comfortable stems largely from a consumerist logic… Read more →

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