Aleph Bet (1954)

Among the many regular and semi-regular features of this blog will be old, archival, out-of-print, and otherwise forgotten samples of Jewish educational materials from yesteryear and beyond. Part of this is an attempt to share some of the beautiful and strange materials that have made up the body of curriculum in years past. Part of this is motivated by a desire to reflect on the fact that the past, though it might sound strange, is neither that far behind nor that different from the present.

So, to introduce this feature, I want to present a recording from 1954 of the Aleph-Bet. It’s a story and a song written and recorded by KTAV publishing house, one of the larger suppliers of Jewish educational curriculum in the United States.

Here’s the back of the album cover, and below, you’ll find links to streaming recordings of the record itself:

Aleph Bet, Part I
Aleph Bet, Part II

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