Framing the Concentration

This is the first blog post to the EDJS webpage, so I thought I would use it to sketch out the contours of the kind of work that we do in the Concentration. We’re working here to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of Jewish education, writ large and inclusive of the wide variety of ways in which people learn to be Jewish. This includes formal educational settings (schools, summer camps, structured tours) and family ritual observance (Passover seders, bar/bat mitzvahs), communal events (film festivals, worship) and mediated engagements (websites, newspapers). I’ve been trying to conceptualize the nature of the work to which the Concentration is committed, and this infographic might be the best framing of EDJs’s conceptual and practical frameworks.

It is certainly a work in progress, so I welcome comments, critiques and other insights that will further help us understand our work and how it fits into broader conversations about education, religion, and Jews.

Here’s to more regular blog posts and the cultivation of an active and engaged exchange of ideas.

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